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Successful Selling
In Easy Steps

Released 30th September 2008 ISBN: 978-1840784244

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Sales Management

The position of Sales Manager or Sales Director is arguably one of the most significant in any commercial organisation. It is in this role that a high calibre individual has the biggest opportunity to positively influence the performance of the company. Sadly the reverse is also true in which case a targeted and focused coaching programme will ensure that your Sales Manager will have the skills and ability to get the very best from their team.

There are many important elements to being a successful Sales Manager:

  • Objective setting and review
  • Training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Communications
  • Building a Team
  • Incentives and reward programmes
  • Running effective meetings
  • Appraising
  • Implementing robust and useful reporting
  • Recruitment

Sales Management Plus will cover all of these elements in the appropriate level of detail.

Objective setting and review

  • How to set realistic goals that reflect the needs of the organisation and the opportunities that exist, while ensuring an element of “stretch”.


  • How to identify the training needs of each individual within your team
  • How to apply appropriate and tailored training to your team both as individuals and a group

Coaching / mentoring

  • How to act as an on-going coach and mentor to the people that you are responsible for
  • How to help them develop and grow to achieve their own as well as the organisation’s goals


  • How to ensure effective and motivational communication to those around you – both inside and outside the organisation

Building a Team

  • How to ensure that your team as well as the individuals within it is successful, where each member plays an active part in achieving the groups goals and is prepared to help others do the same

Incentives and reward programmes

  • How to ensure that the incentives and rewards paid to individuals are commensurate with the success of the organisation
  • How to develop programmes that motivate individuals and teams to stretch the current level of performance

Effective meetings

  • How to run effective, motivational and enjoyable sales meetings where each delegate believes that they have spent their time wisely and gained from the experience


  • How to operate an effective and inspirational appraisal system that accurately reflects the individual performance and identifies (objectively) key areas for development


  • How to implement effective and productive reporting systems that provide maximum information to the right people with the minimum level of labour intensity


  • How to “minimize the risk” when recruiting new sales staff by ensuring a structured process is in place, which identifies those candidates that most closely match the required skills of the role with the culture of the organisation

It is absolutely vital that you have the right level of expertise and skill in this important role. All too often people are promoted because they have excelled as sales people, which in itself could be a problem as the role of sales person often requires a large degree of focus and selfishness to be a winner. Therefore to suddenly have to achieve results through others is a difficult task to perform. Having either a training programme or tailored coaching plan can ensure that your sales “winners” now become sales management “winners” too.