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Released 30th September 2008 ISBN: 978-1840784244

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Effective Facilitation

Effective meetings facilitation can be the difference between success and failure further down the line. These days more than ever, taking managers in particular, out of their normal working environment for a meeting of any sort can be very expensive. It is particularly expensive if it’s not productive and motivational. It is also vital that the facilitation is done from an objective view point – all too often internal meetings are veered towards an individual’s own agenda and objectives.

Successful facilitation is a well honed skill and ensures that this time is spent productively and effectively. At Mallory Management we offer independent facilitation for meetings of any size – from 2 people to as many as you can fit into the room!

We are skilled at helping a group to its best thinking. This is especially true when a group is trying to deal with new or difficult issues. We will ensure that the group perseveres when confronted with confusion and frustration, which invariably happens when many differing views and approaches are being integrated to one objective or goal.

It is vital that all delegates get the opportunity to have their say or floor time; even those that are a little reticent to do so. Without effective facilitation, meetings can often go the way of the loudest or most confident speakers. And we will ensure that there is a little humour from time to time to keep things flowing, especially when the going gets tough.

With the correct briefing we will prepare the agenda, objectively steer the meeting to obtain everyone’s input and opinion and of course, record the results. We will also ensure that the delegates have an enjoyable as well as productive use of their valuable time.