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Successful Selling
In Easy Steps

Released 30th September 2008 ISBN: 978-1840784244

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In today’s tough economic and competitive environment, most companies need to get the very best from their resources. This, of course, includes both products and people. This is especially true when budget cuts lead to staff reduction and a consequential increase in workload for all that remain.

At the same time it is important that the employee feels that they are being well treated and developed for their own benefit as well as the organisation’s. There is now quantifiable evidence that there is a direct correlation between how people are treated and the financial results of the organisation.

Individual coaching is one of the very best ways of achieving both the organisation’s and the employee’s goals leading to increased development and job satisfaction and a resulting improved financial performance. Effective coaching helps already high performers achieve an increased level of performance as well as helping those that are below par to raise their game. And as well as the improvement in results all round it also leads to a settled and therefore stable workforce which is beneficial to all companies.

All coaching programmes are, by definition, tailored to the individual and will typically include:

  • identifying specific areas of difficulty to the individual and finding practical solutions
  • identifying specific areas of strength and enjoyment to the individual and building on them
  • setting short-term and long-term individual goals that support the organisations objectives
  • establishing strong communication strategies for all line managers
  • establishing an effective work-life balance leading to highly motivated and productive employees
  • opportunities to take a step back and objectively review day-to-day activity and it’s effectiveness
  • an independent sounding board (the coach) to test new ideas and difficult issues with

A quick look at today’s sporting heroes soon demonstrates just why effective coaching is not only extremely productive but increasingly a necessity for today’s thriving companies.